General Dentistry

General dentistry focuses primarily on a prevention and treatment of dental caries (decay). Fillings used in Dental Art Centre are very durable and allow us to restore aesthetics and functionality similar to natural teeth. All treatments are carried out under local anesthesia.

Decay leads to demineralization of tooth structure and the formation of cavities. We treat them using minimal invasive techniques , saving as many of tooth tissues as possible.

Endodontics – root canal treatment

Some teeth in the result of advanced decay might require a root canal treatment. Non vital, untreated teeth are a source of further infection to the whole organism. Root canal treatment involves cleaning the canal, its disinfection and filling with suitable materials.

We use a specialised equipment to carry out the root canal treatments:

RECIPROC® Endomotor with integrated length determination (apex locator)


BeeFill 2in1 3 dimensional, dense and durable obturation of root canals


Advantages of modern endodotic approach are following:

  • Effective shaping of the canal facilitates thorough cleaning
  • Dimensional filling of the canal prevents reinfection

which results in lower failure rate of Root Canal Treatmens.

If you have any question about Root Canal Treatment,do not hesitate and contact us on

We will be more than happy to answer all the questions.

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