State-of-the-Art Dental Laboratory

We are very proud to introduce the state of the art dental laboratory here in Dublin. Our mission is to provide high quality dental services such us:

* Full Bio-Functional Dentures
* Partial Acrylic and Chrome Cobalt Dentures
* Valplast Dentures
* Dental Crowns and Bridges( fused to metal, full porcelain -press technique, zircon, CAD-CAM etc)
* Veneers, Inlays & Onlays ( stain technique or 1-8 layers of colour technique )
* Work on the dental implants
* Mouthguards all types and gum shields
* Relines, cleaning and repairs while you wait

Out technician Mr Jerzy Skrzypczak completed a medical vocational study in Dental Technology Faculty in the city of Poznan in 1985. He then began working in a state team hospital in the city of Konin as a dental technician. He was then posted to a Clinical Military Hospital in the city of Bydgoszcz.

In 1988 he began work in a Regional Hospital in Kolo where he became an acting technical manager of a Dental -Technician team. From 1999 till 2008 he was coordinating Dentist-Technician-Patient work; he was implementing new professional technologies and training dentists and technicians in an unlisted Health Center Called “S-den.

From 1980 Mr. Jerzy was a member of a Scientific Organization of Polish Association of Dental Technicians whose purpose was testing the latest technologies and procedures of material used in dental technology and dental offices. In 2006 he gained a postgraduate specialization diploma which was granted by the Main Association of Polish Technicians and Engineers. For 20 years he was working in a dental profession, developing his skills and acquiring his work experience by completing various courses in Poland, Germany and Holland which were headed by German technicians.