About Us

About Us

As we are sensitive to the needs of our patients, we know that in every dental work small details matter, that in total have a great impact on the quality, durability and final aesthetic impression. We strive to provide our patients comfortable conditions and a quiet atmosphere during their dental visit.
In our work, we use the newest materials, technologies and dental equipment. We pay particular attention to the aspects of proper bite, tightness, sterility and precision of procedures.
Dental Art Centre is a clinic based on the knowledge and experience of carefully selected professionals from all fields of dentistry. Their professionalism and engagement are reflected in patients’ satisfaction, and thus build up the success of our clinic.

Our staff

Our staff consists of creditable doctors specializing in such dental areas as conservative therapy, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics, maxillary and facial surgery and also cosmetic dentistry. Our staff constantly rises their qualifications to guarantee all patients the highest standard of the services


Dental Art Centre was created according to the rule that the most important thing is good and health of patients. That’s why we place high quality of our services at the first place. Latest technologies used by our specialists combine efficient treatment with a perfect aesthetic effect.


Basic element which enables beginning of efficient treatment is proper diagnostics. We are vested with the latest diagnostic equipment which enables right diagnosis of disease: process x-ray laboratory, intraoral camera. We have to remember that the choice of the best method is always fixed after professional medical consultation.


As a State-of-the-Art Dental Practice and Laboratory in Dublin we cooperate with different partners. Our Dental Centre is used as a Dental Clinic by Cheap Dentist, Medical Poland and Whitening Ireland

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